How We Organise – Event update

How We Organise event: Where we go from herehow

Conclusions: How We Organise – There is not enough being done to break down the barriers that stop people participating. While the “activist” is to busy and has no time for whatever reasons – there is a whole community out
there looking in. What they are looking at (generally) is something they do
not feel part of – something out-with their experience – or more troubles
to add to the ones they already have. If we are to get more people involved
(an imperative if we want things to change) we need to start using our
imagination and the type of tools that do not create more alienation – but
power and understanding for those who need it most.

The event attracted some new people interested in what is going on around them. The Common Good day event, also set out some of the benefits we could gain by more communication through our various groups and activities. A few highlights of the events and updates, follows. Continue reading