Carbeth Land Buy-Out

From: Bella Caledonia

Fran Higson writes: Travelling North West out of Glasgow on the A809, wealthy suburban housing estates give way to rich farm-land and pristine tgolf-courses, the land opens out towards the Campsie Fells and Trossachs.  Here you are in prime des-res commuter belt countryside and you could be forgiven for driving past the Carbeth huts without noticing them; but a keen eye will see them dotted about the hillside behind the Carbeth Inn. If you stop and wander up the track behind the Inn, you’ll discover a magical web of tree-lined lanes and pathways along which are scattered approximately 140 small wooden huts in various styles; Some are brand-new with double-glazed windows and state of the art renewable energy systems, others date back to the 1920’s, some are a patchwork of reclaimed and recycled materials and some have been disintegrating through lack of attention.  Hardly surprising given that everything at Carbeth has been in limbo for the last 13 years, but finally change is in the air, and after a monumental 13 year rent strike things are starting to shift.


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